Prodigium Mobile has officially launched its new Music Store today, which will eventually allow Clarion Mirage Android-based head unit users to buy 320kbps DRM-free MP3 files from a library of over 18,000,000 songs directly through their head unit and subsequently enjoy them through their car audio system.

The songs are provided by 7digital, a UK based company which also provides solutions for Last.FM and Bebo. But you don’t just get to buy international tracks – there are also local favorites, and Prodigium Mobile opened its presentation to the press this morning by playing a P Ramlee hit from its music store.

You can sync your purchased songs to up to 10 devices, but this doesn’t mean the songs are DRM-encoded and only playable on 10 devices. It simply means the automated playlist sync feature works for up to 10 devices, but you can copy your songs to as many of your devices as you please. Prodigiium Mobile CEO Bill Duvall notes that you’ll actually own the license to the song and are not merely “renting” it.

Watch the video above to check out the Music Store app being demonstrated on a Clarion Mirage head unit. Note that this is an older version of the Music Store which lacks branding, but everything still works.

For now, users can access the music store by heading to and either using the web based system, or download an Android or Blackberry app. A song costs about RM3 each, and there is also an option to buy a full album at one go.

You can pay for the songs with your credit card, but a prepaid card system is also expected to be rolled out soon, which will have various denominations like mobile phone prepaid top-up cards.

Can’t wait for the Clarion Mirage Android head unit to be commercially available!