Toyota has given us a first glimpse of its upcoming show vehicle – the Toyota U2 Concept, as in Urban Utility or U-squared. This futuristic spin on the ubiquitous delivery van is set to make its public debut on September 20, at the World Maker Faire in New York City.

Developed by Toyota’s Calty Design Research in Newport Beach, California, the U2 features a new design that places ease of accessibility at the top of its objectives. Designers have engineered in the ability to roll back the roof, fold down the tailgate and convert it into a ramp and fully customise the interior on a versatile rail system.

Keeping in line with its design brief, the concept is equipped with an extremely durable underbody to withstand potholes and a tool-like exterior with a customisable side panel. Unique features include the aforementioned foldable tailgate, roof panels that retract open, replaceable, protective ridges on the tailgate and a rear glass panel that folds into it.

The interior has been designed to be fully customisable in order to allow a variety of cargo to be carried inside. A unique rail system allows individuals to shape the loading bay to fit whatever forms of luggage, from groceries to desks to even bicycles.

In addition to that, the front passenger seat can be folded or even removed entirely should the need arise. Furthermore, different interior materials and colours can be employed depending on needs – already adding to the U2’s extremely versatile nature. If that’s not enough, the U2 even has side windows that are able to flip up to aid loading and unloading from the roadside.

Toyota’s U2 concept may be big on features but it’s certainly small when it comes to its actual physical appearance. Research conducted by Toyota has proven that the market demands a car of this nature to come with a smaller footprint. Quoting from their press release, the car “is the size of a compact car with the functionality of a compact truck and the spaciousness of a cargo van.”

Following its public debut in New York, the U2 concept will return to the Caltry studio in California.