The small “mystery” of which W205 Mercedes-Benz C-Class front grille we’re getting in Malaysia for the initial launch has been solved – both of them, apparently.

All our previous sightings of the C-Class being transported on trailers have only yielded side and rear three quarter views so far, so we know what engine option and alloy wheel designs we’re going to get, but a front view showing what grille the cars were wearing have eluded photographers so far, until now.

We saw this Naza Transport trailer carrying a load of the W205 C-Class and CLA 45 AMG on the Guthrie Gorridor on Friday. This also means the launch batch will be CBU, with CKD units probably coming later. The Naza Transport trailer is no surprise since Naza is the official franchise AP holder and importer for Mercedes-Benz CBU cars in Malaysia – the whole truck is loaded with CBU cars.



The Palladium Silver (Mercedes-Benz speak for light grey) car on top is the C 250 in Exclusive trim, which means multi-spoke wheels and a traditional multi-louvre grille with a hood ornament.

The silver car below (likely Iridium Silver) is the C 200 Avantgarde, which has a sportier-looking five double-spoke alloy wheel design and a sport grille that features a big Mercedes-Benz logo with no hood ornament.

This is interesting because we thought Mercedes-Benz would bring in the sport grille exclusively, since the multi-louvre grille has gone missing from the W212 E-Class facelift.

Watch the video below, which shows Mercedes-Benz designers talking about the two different ‘looks’.