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In an interview conducted by Car and Driver, Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales has stated that the company is set to expand its range of models to include sedans and crossovers. In relation to that, should a front-engined Lotus be produced, “it would be a real Lotus. Which means for ride and handling it could be a benchmark.”

With Proton being the parent company of Lotus, it should be clear enough that technology-sharing is “overwhelmingly likely,” according to Gales. “If we’re looking at four to six years in the future then our partner is Proton. Proton is a volume manufacturer and has parts modules that we could use for future models.”

Elaborating on the possible expansion of the Lotus range, Gales has confirmed that the company is intending to build radically different types of cars, apart from its core models. For enthusiasts who fear that Lotus may be aiming to echo Porsche, fear not. “I would only exclude anything that doesn’t fit the Lotus brand,” says Gales.

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A future with front-engined, front-wheel drive Lotus cars is highly likely due to Proton’s entire range consisting of cars with said configuration. The company has produced a front-wheel drive car with the Elan – which ended production in the 1990s. A Lotus sedan has also been produced in the form of the Lotus Carlton.

For now, there is no official word on when we can expect the new models to arrive or even what they are. Gales is currently prioritising to company’s future with long and short-term plans that should see the company grow financially in time to come.