It’s clear that we at paultan.org write about cars more than we do bikes, unless the matter at hand concerns a new interesting model launched locally or more bizarrely, a car using a bike engine. But in the case of this stark raving mad Kawasaki Ninja H2R, it would be socially irresponsible of us not to cover it. Just look at it!

This be-winged (we’re not talking about fancy fairings here of course, there are actual downforce-generating wings attached to it) two-wheeler rocks a supercharged 1.0 litre inline-four engine that’s tuned to 300 hp. On a lightweight, all-carbon-fibered-up bike, its power to weight ratio will put the Koenigsegg One:1 to shame.

Those wings aren’t just for show either, as the H2R will probably shoot past 320 km/h at full pelt (brown pants are recommended if you want to attempt this, though). Behind the naked carbon-fibre fairing is a tubular steel trellis frame (in green for effect), while Kawasaki’s first single swing-arm connects the rear 17-inch wheel.

A toned down, i.e., less insane road-legal Street version is expected to be unveiled soon (this Track concept doesn’t have headlights and it runs on slicks after all), which could have its output lowered to around the 200 hp mark. Still, if it looks anything like this one, it’ll surely be worth writing home about.