A recall has been issued by Volkswagen Malaysia, advising all owners of the Beetle to bring their cars in to official service centres nationwide. A total of 2,134 units will be affected by what the company calls an issue on the trailing arm of the rear torsion crank axle.

In the event of a rear-end collision, it may result in a form of pre-damage to the rear torsion crank axle. Should it go undetected and not repaired, it may lead to a sudden break of the trailing arm and loss of control of the vehicle. In the context of the recall, metal inlays are being mounted on the trailing arm.

The inlays are said prevent a “direct loss of control over the vehicle in the event a pre-damaged trailing arm breaks.” Customers who own the Beetle will be notified by Volkswagen Malaysia, with the operation scheduled to start in the first quarter of 2015.

Customers with questions over the recall are advised to contact their respective Volkswagen dealers or the customer care hotline at 1800-88-8947 for a free axle inspection.