The official trailer for Furious 7 is out, promising more over-the-top, completely ludicrous moments from the famed street racing film franchise. Following the untimely death of Paul Walker – who played Brian O’Conner in the series – the final cut underwent a major rewrite to address Walker’s demise.

It was reported that Walker’s character, O’Conner, will be retired at the end of this instalment instead of being killed off. With filming wrapped, we can now look forward to his final commercial appearance when Furious 7 arrives in theatres on April 3 2015.

The two and a half minute trailer sets the stage for more logic-defying moments – as you’d see in the first fifteen seconds – and even features Jason Statham, known for his role in another popular car-related film franchise. Casting wise, it’s no surprise the usual ensemble is back for another round of automotive mayhem.

Check out the trailer for yourself and get ready to relearn everything you thought you knew about physics.