licence plate

The Road Transport Department (JPJ) will continue the operation for HID and strobe lights as planned. However, the operation on non-regulation number plates will be carried out with a focus only on “serious offenders”, the department has said.

JPJ said it will carry out greater advocacy measures to ensure the public is well-informed, and that the operation is in the interests of safety and security of motorists. Enforcement cameras are unable to capture motorists who exceed the speed limit, run red lights, use mobile phones while driving and the like, if they use illegible number plates, it added.

JPJ’s operation against HID, strobe lights and non-regulation number plates, first announced in September, was initially set for full steam ahead on November 1. In the first week, over 5,500 summonses were issued.

The department then said it would review the operation to evaluate its effectiveness, and decide whether the operation would be continued or stopped after November 30.