BMW is leading the Charge of the Light Brigade, with a street light and an electric vehicle (EV) charging port in one. The prototype, imaginatively called the BMW Light and Charge, was recently shown at the Eurocities conference in Munich.

Light and Charge combines LED technology with cashless charging, and is part of BMW i‘s ChargeNow network. The units are universal and can be modularly-adapted depending on location.

Up to four LED modules can be had per street light; they’re touted as being more energy-saving as well as having more luminous efficiency, due to targeted light rays eliminating light scattering.

As part of a pilot project that’s set to start in Munich next spring, these Light and Charge units will begin replacing regular street lights in the city, enabling an increase in the number of charging stations as well as bestowing the city with more energy-efficient LED street lights.

Some time ago, BMW unveiled a solar-powered EV charger concept that was the work of its California-based design consultancy, DesignWorks USA. DesignWorks USA will also be designing the trains for the Kuala Lumpur Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system.