Jean-Marc Gales_CEO of Group Lotus plc and Aslam Farikullah 01_05_14_20p (3)

Speaking to Automotive News Europe, Jean-Marc Gales (pictured above, left), CEO of Lotus, has announced plans to open more dealers in an effort to expand the company’s global network. The ailing British carmaker recorded a lost of up to £159 million (RM833.55 million) in the last fiscal year and is set to let 325 of its 1,215 employees go.

“We have opened nine new dealerships worldwide over the past six months and I would not exclude having 20 more in this financial year,” added Gales. Out of the supposed 20 new dealerships being touted, we can expect cities like London, Paris, Madrid and Berlin to feature a Lotus showroom in the current absence of an official presence.

In the first four months of the new fiscal year, Lotus has managed to increase its sales by up to 46% but even then that is far from what the company deems as a safe zone to secure a financially stable future, according to Gales. “We need to continue to reduce costs and we are fully aware of the hardship that brings for our workforce,” he added.


Further steps taken to keep Lotus on track “will be a couple of announcements of product enhancements that will make the heart of any Lotus enthusiast beat faster.” Sadly, no further details were disclosed by the CEO. With said intentions being executed, Gales is hopeful that Lotus “will return to profitability in the very foreseeable future.”

When quizzed on the likelihood of any of the famous five concepts – unveiled during the era of Dany Bahar – making a comeback, Gales was firm with his response. “No – nothing. They were not ready for any form of serious production.” Which contradicts what Bahar said earlier this year when he declared that the Esprit was on course for 2014 and would have shifted the paradigm for Lotus.