The second-gen Chevrolet Volt has been officially teased on Twitter ahead of its Detroit show debut in January. Garang face, isn’t it? Just like the original Volt, the front grilles are covered to improve aerodynamics – although you can see small openings at the bottom of each intake.

Great things are expected of the new Volt – a higher electric range, a lighter Voltec powertrain and a new interior. A 13 kg-lighter and more efficient battery pack, developed with LG Chem, should yield a 20% jump in storage capacity. The number of cells have been cut from 288 to 192, and they’re positioned lower in the pack for a better centre of gravity.

The four-cylinder petrol engine now displaces 1.5 litres instead of 1.4 litres, and features direct injection, a 12.5 compression ratio, cooled exhaust gas recirculation and a variable displacement oil pump.

GM has always called it the range extender (meaning it is just used to charge the batteries) but according to some reports, in very specific situations, the original Volt’s petrol engine can mechanically assist the electric motor at high speeds.

Although the likelihood of this happening is very low (80% of all trips are completed without the range extender starting up, Chevy says), in the strictest sense, this makes the first-gen Volt a plug-in hybrid and not a range-extended electric vehicle.

Does it dampen our excitement for the full unveiling of the sequel, though? Not one bit.