HMRT New Jazz 01

The Honda Malaysia Racing Team (HMRT) will be entering three cars in the upcoming Sepang 1000km Race (S1K) this weekend – aside from the City and 2014 Jazz, the team will also be competing in a second-generation Jazz, last year’s race car.

The City will be driven by Alif Mohamed Hamdan and Farriz Fauzy, while the new Jazz entry will be piloted by Eddie Lew and Aaron Lim. As for the 2013 Jazz race car, it’ll be driven by Jeff Tan and Henzee Hamzah, who will both be racing for the first time in the S1K race. The second-gen Taffeta White Jazz has undergone mild engine mapping for extra horsepower and torque to match the performance of the City and new Jazz.

As for the new blue and white half-twins, they’ve been worked on since March this year, and feature special ball joints to adjust the roll centre and bump steer for better handling around the track. Both have had its internals stripped out, of course, and now weigh just 1,030 kg in race trim.

“With the new race machines, our immediate objective is to ensure that we achieve last year’s time on track. The team has put in a lot of effort and hard work in preparing for this race and I strongly believe it is possible not only to achieve last year’s timing, but to also retain the S1K championship. In fact, it would be fantastic to see an all-Honda podium finish!” said HMRT team director Akkbar Danial.