In most cases, videos detailing a car’s safety features tend to end up closer in relation to an 8am university lecture rather than say a Gymkhana video. Hyundai, however, has come up with a rather interesting take on breaking down the details of the safety equipment found on its products.

Dubbed ‘Exobaby’, the cutesy minute-and-a-half ad tells the story of the Hyundai Exobaby as he tackles daily “obstacles” with a raft of safety measures built into his suit including a construction made out of high strength steel, blind spot detection system, lane departure warning system and more.


Credit has to be given for Hyundai’s creative take on highlighting the firm’s many safety as well as performance features in the aforementioned video. It’s moments like these that prove a creative, entertaining clip is more able to get the point across as compared to the more straightforward, safe methods.

Apart from the finished product itself, have a look at the behind the scenes video to fully appreciate the effort that has gone into making this clever ad a reality. After all, shooting a video – no matter a short clip or feature length film – isn’t exactly child’s play, is it?