Rumours of a BMW 3 Series GT rival from Mercedes-Benz have long been documented, and the word is, it’ll be called the C-Class SportCoupe when it arrives in 2016. Malaysian automotive manipulator Theophilus Chin has rendered his take on what it’ll look like, and my, can someone say awkward?

The render clearly takes comes cues from the recently unveiled GLE Coupe (ML Coupe to those not yet acquainted with Merc’s new badging system), with the fastback-style profile matching that of the F34 3GT. As we’ve highlighted in our video review of the W205 C-Class sedan, it could certainly do with more rear headroom.

Three can play at this game, as Audi is also known to be working on its own version – to be called the A4 Vario. A 2016 launch date has been suggested, so hipsters, better buy that 3GT soon! You know, before it was cool…

W205 Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan