New nomenclature Mercedes-Benz model series

Mercedes-Benz has a grand plan for the near future, with no less than 11 all-new models in the pipeline, all of which has no existing predecessor such as the C-Class Cabriolet and GLE Coupe. This presents a new problem – what to name them? To that end, the carmaker has announced an updated naming convention (or nomenclature, if you must) for its entire model range that is simpler and easier to understand.

The new system centres around the five core models – A-, B-, C-, E- and S-Class -which thankfully, are left unchanged. From now on, all SUV models (apart from the G-Class which stays as is) will start with the letters GL, followed by the core model to which it is most closely related. In simpler terms, the A-Class-based SUV is known as the GLA, and the ML, which is technically related to the E-Class, will be rebadged as the GLE.

New nomenclature Mercedes-Benz drive systems

This convention is carried over to Mercedes-Benz’s roadster range too. The SLK is deemed to be related to the C-Class, and thus will be called the SLC. Like the G-Class, the flagship SL roadster will retain its iconic name – it couldn’t possibly be called the SLS, can it? Mercedes says the name changes will be implemented in 2015, except for the SLK/SLC switch, which will only come into effect in 2016.

At the same time, engine technology-related designations have been given a complete overhaul as well. Starting next year, all diesel models will have a ‘d’ suffix attached to it (i.e., C 200 d instead of C 200 BlueTEC). Likewise, hybrid models will carry an ‘h’ suffix, regardless of whether it has a petrol or diesel (currently badged BlueTEC Hybrid) engine. You can refer to the images above for the full list of changes, and yes, we are confused too.