Der neue Volkswagen Golf

Think of the numerous auto-related modifications, and the ubiquitous addition of a sound system is definitely one that pops up almost immediately. With such importance placed on in-car entertainment these days, Volkswagen is offering its Plug and Play sound system as an option on a number of its models.

Available on the Polo, Beetle, Jetta, Golf Mk6 and Mk7 along with the Scirocco, the system bears no resemblance to an afterthought as it boasts a quick, flush installation setup in the spare wheel well (wonder what happens to the spare?).

Kit comprises an integrated digital sound processor and a “high-performance” subwoofer. The Volkswagen Plug and Play sound system features a total of five channels – one for the subwoofer and four for the speakers – and the aforementioned digital sound processing capability to handle bass, treble, balance and fader criteria. The entire package comes with the necessary wiring harnesses, assembly materials and instructions.

An additional package is also available for the Volkswagen up!, with two variations to cater for the different trim lines of said model. Customers need not worry about fitment issues, as the company assures that each order is “individually matched” to the respective vehicle at all authorised dealerships.

Unfortunately, a check with Volkswagen Malaysia has revealed that the option isn’t available here for the time being, but we’ll be sure to run an update if the system becomes available.