Automotive photomanipulator Theophilus Chin has used his Photoshop skills to imagine what a possible Ford Mondeo ST might look like. The benchmark European D-segment contender last saw a sporting model in its second generation, with the CD132 ST220, powered by a 223 hp 3.0 litre Duratec V6.

Looking at his renders, it’s clear where Theo got his inspiration from – the Mustang Shelby GT350, which was unveiled last month. That doesn’t make his vision of a hot CD391 Mondeo any less appealing, however.

At the front, Theo has replaced the regular slatted chrome grille with a black honeycomb one with an ST badge, as seen on other recent ST models. There’s also a fairly aggressive lower front air intake and splitter arrangement, side skirts, rear diffuser and quad tailpipes, while the wheels are now of a darker finish.


A bit of a blue-sky proposal, this, so we’ll also work our collective imagination to come up with technical details for the sports sedan. Since the most potent regular Mondeo already pulls 240 hp from a 2.0 litre EcoBoost four-pot, we reckon a hypothetical range-topper would require the 2.3 litre version from the new Mustang, making 310 hp and 433 Nm, an engine that could be shared with the upcoming Focus RS.

Uprated suspension and brakes should be tasked to put the power to the road, as well as possibly four-wheel drive – there’s been talk of an AWD version of the standard Mondeo in the pipeline, although nothing new has come out of that yet.

Given that we’ve seen both the Fiesta ST and Focus ST go on sale in our market, and with the fourth-gen Mondeo coming later this year, could a Mondeo ST make its way here if Ford pulls the trigger?