Late last year, Detroit Electric teased us with a shot of its SP:01 electric sports car, which made its initial debut at the 2013 Shanghai motor show in prototype form. As the car inches closer to production, the firm has released shots of its finalised interior as well as technical specifications.

The all-electric sports car is powered by a 285 hp electric motor, paired to a manual transmission as standard. Optionally, the car can be ordered with either a single-speed or twin-speed automatic transmission. The century sprint gets dispatched in 3.9 seconds with top speed rated at 249 km/h.


Externally, the updated model receives a new fastback style, replacing the “flying buttresses” seen on the prototype. A rear spoiler and diffuser complete the raft of external upgrades. A carbon-fibre spoiler, diffuser and battery cover are available as options.

If its insides remind you of the Lotus Elise, you’re not wrong – the Detroit Electric SP:01 can trace its roots back to the famed sports car from Hethel. The most glaring difference between this and the Elise is the inclusion of an 8.4-inch Android-based tablet that serves as an infotainment system.

The system also doubles as a control panel for the entertainment, climate control as well as navigation system amongst others. The firm’s SAMI (Smartphone Application Managed Infotainment) application also enables occupants to access the internet and make phone calls via mobile connectivity.

Compared to its Elise brethren, the SP:01 has a more luxurious interior with owners being offered a choice of leather or Alcantara sport seats. Power electric windows and central locking, ambient cabin lighting, embroider floor mats and Bluetooth connectivity are offered, as well.

Detroit Electric SP:01 prototype