PETRONAS held the Experience to Believe drive event recently which saw 40 participants, including readers from take part in a convoy drive from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh, and back. Participants got the chance to experience the mileage and performance attributes of the new PETRONAS Primax 95 with Advanced Energy Formula, for around 400 km. Various road types were covered including city and town driving, highway cruise as well as driving on some scenic windy sections.

A combination of cars were part of the drive, ranging from a Toyota Celica to a Perodua Kancil, Honda City and more. The drive, which was flagged-off from Publika, Sri Hartamas by Head of Customer Experience Raja Mazhar Mohar also included a session where participants were able to get up close and personal with fuel experts including Chan Ming-Yau, Fuel Technology Manager for Oil Business at PETRONAS as well as Muhammad Hafiz Aziz, the company’s Fuel Engineer under the Lube Business Division.

PETRONAS compiled a video footage of the entire event above, for your viewing pleasure :) Be sure to watch this space for invites to future Experience to Believe drive events!