Our spies have caught the Mercedes-Benz A-Class facelift on test. It will be the second of the new MFA-platform cars after the recently facelifted B-Class to be updated before Stuttgart prepares for a second generation in a couple of years.

From these spyshots we can see that there will probably be minor exterior revisions – a nip and tuck here and there when it comes to the bumper designs as well as updated headlamp and taillamp graphics. When the B-Class was facelifted, it got new headlamps that had a built-in ‘welcome light’, where the DRL strip would turn blue for a few seconds upon start-up before fading to white.

The B-Class engines were left unchanged with the facelift so we don’t think there will be any changes to the A-Class facelift either. The B-Class did get a new Electric Drive variant though, will Mercedes-Benz decide to offer the same for the A-Class to compete with cars like the e-Golf and A3 e-tron?