Lotus is set to unveil an “exciting new car” at the upcoming 2015 Geneva motor show in March. Details remain scarce, though, said new model will “remain true to its core pillars of lightness, performance and driving purity by embodying all of them in a most desirable package.

The model most likely to make its debut could be the facelifted Lotus Evora, seeing as how a sizeable amount of recent news seem to point in that direction. With that said, the biggest surprise could be Lotus revealing its crossover model – a project that is already on-going.

Further good news for Lotus loyalists as the company has posted a 54% increase (1,565 units sold) in global sales in the past nine months. As part of its rejuvenated business plan, the firm has introduced 25 new dealers across the world, with another 50 due at the end of this year.


“The positive reception that all our new Lotus cars are receiving in both new and established markets shows that our product development strategy is heading in the right direction,” said Jean-Marc Gales, CEO of Lotus. Demand for Lotus cars continue to grow in China (130% increase) and Japan (125% increase).

Additional growth comes courtesy of the German and French market with both nations recording an increase of 139% and 143%, respectively. Lotus is banking on the newly-launched Lotus Elise S Cup and the much-anticipated new model to further drive global sales figures up north.