Late last year, it was reported that the Malaysian government has decided to implement a RM20 vehicle entry permit (VEP) fee for Singaporean vehicles entering the nation. The ruling is set to be executed in the middle of this year.

As a result, Singapore has issued a response stating that “we (Singapore) will consider matching in some form after details of the levy are confirmed, including whether it is imposed only at Malaysia’s border with Singapore, or at all its borders,” said the Singaporean transport minister, Lui Tuck Yew.

Lui had also stated that the current proposal by the Malaysian government appears to reflect that of a revenue-generating purpose more than any other. Singapore’s VEP fee, on the contrary, is supposed to equalise the cost of owning and operating a foreign-registered vehicle to that of a locally-registered one.

Thailand Sadao Checkpoint

Deputy transport minister of Malaysia, Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi, was earlier reported as stating that details regarding the implementation of the VEP fee was being revised and upon completion, would be applied at the Causeway as well as the Second Link. A separate implementation of fees for vehicles entering from Thailand and Brunei is also being considered.

Currently, Malaysian-registered vehicles entering the island nation on weekdays from 2 am to 5 pm will have to pay S$35 (RM93.80). Entry is free on weekends, Singaporean public holidays and 10 business days per calendar year – although there are plans for a revision of this. On the other hand, the proposed VEP entry fee by the Malaysian government is set to be active all day, every day.