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We haven’t even seen the fruits of the labour from the BMW-Toyota sports car project yet, and already the two companies are looking to broaden the scope of their partnership, if a report from Automobile Magazine is to be believed. Next on the list is said to be a jointly-developed entry-level city car, one iteration of which will reportedly be a MINI Minor to slot under the current F55/F56 Hatch.

This isn’t the first time BMW has considered a smaller MINI as the core Hatch ballooned in size over the years – Geneva 2011 played host to the unveiling of the MINI Rocketman Concept (pictured), a funky three-door “3+1” city car that measured just 3,419 mm long.

Rumours of a confirmed production version soon surfaced, but the unsuitability of BMW’s new front-wheel drive UKL platform (which underpins the F55/F56 Hatch) and the unfeasibility of engineering such a small car to meet regulations reportedly led to the project’s shelving. Now that a suitor has apparently been found, it looks as if the mini MINI is back on the table.

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The report states that early styling exercises reference the styling of both the Paceman and Rocketman, with a double-bubble roof, Union Jack-motif tail lights, a small trapezoidal grille and blacked-out roof pillars. This new evocatively-named Minor – harking back to the 1959 original – could cost around US$14k-16k (RM50k-58k).

According to Automobile Magazine, Toyota’s Aygo, which is the right size, won’t be used as a base to build upon; instead the two carmakers will collaborate on a new platform that can be used by both.

MINI Rocketman Concept