Accidentally revealed last October, the Porsche Cayman GT4 is now finally for real – it’s to the Cayman what the GT3 is to the 911, i.e. a more hardcore version, basically.

But in a two-fingered salute to the 911 GT3, which is only available with a seven-speed PDK twin-clutch gearbox, the Cayman GT4 is six-speed manual-only!

A mid-mounted 3.8 litre flat-six (derived from the 911 Carrera S) sends 385 hp at 7,400 rpm to the rear wheels, contributing to a 4.4 second century sprint time and a top whack just shy of 300 km/h. Nurburgring time? Seven minutes and 40 seconds – only 15 seconds slower than the 911 GT3.

The body sits 30 mm lower on a chassis that shares many parts with the 911 GT3. Apart from a “purposefully-proportioned brake system” (whatever that means), there’s a huge fixed rear wing, prominent side inlets, centrally-mounted twin tailpipes and a garang front bumper with LED DRLs and mesh intakes.

Inside, you face a three-spoke GT4 steering wheel amidst a sea of leather and Alcantara. Bi-xenon headlamps, 20-inch alloys and torque vectoring with mechanical limited-slip diff are standard, while PCCB ceramic brakes, CFRP seats, a Sport Chrono Package with Track Precision app, and a Club Sport Package are optionally specifiable.

The Porsche Cayman GT4 costs 85,779 euro (RM351k) in Germany, US$85,595 (RM305k) in the US (including destination) and 64,451 pounds (RM348k) in the UK. We’ll see it in March at the Geneva show.