Liechtenstein-based electric car firm nanoFlowcell has revealed its Quant F concept vehicle prior to its official unveiling at the upcoming 2015 Geneva motor show in March. The car is described as a “complete re-design of its predecessor (the Quant E)”, the Quant F touts a peak output of 1,075 hp. Seriously.

The four-seater concept is also deemed to possess an operation range of up to 800 km as well as a theoretical top speed of 300 km/h on pure electric power. Providing all that juice comes courtesy of four electric motors, effectively making this an all-wheel drive car.


Additional standout tech is present in the form of an in-house two-speed automatic gearbox, “the likes of which has not existed to date” and an alternative drive system which employs ionic fluid instead of the oxygen/hydrogen combo found in regular fuel cells.

“With a total tank capacity of 500 litres, comprising of two 250-litre tanks accommodated separately in the Quant’s substructure, we have achieved an increase in range of over 30 percent in comparison to the Quant E from 2014,” said nanoFlowcell chief technical officer, Nunzio La Vecchia.


New to the Quant F concept is the inclusion of a two-stage rear spoiler that deploys at speeds of over 80 km/h to help generate downforce. The firm’s signature QUANTeYES head lamps feature backlit crystals that project a ‘Q’ symbol when switched on.

According to Nunzio, the exterior of the Quant F is “already 100% in compliance with the requirements pertaining to series production homologation” while the interior “is around 90% in compliance.” Does the thought of an electric car capable of 300 km/h as well as a range of 800 km sound too good to be true?