Unveiled in full last month, the bizarre-looking Toyota Mirai FCV claims to be “the future of driving.” The Japanese automaker has now released a few videos explaining why it thinks the Mirai deserves such a bold tagline – other than the name literally meaning ‘future’ in Japanese, that is.

The first video above explains Toyota’s new fuel cell technology in great detail – no fossil fuel used, zero CO2 emissions and of course, just water vapour released to the environment. Its “refuelling” time is measured in minutes (just three), not hours like in electric vehicles.

Another claim that jumps out is that the Mirai is “fun to drive.” Like, really? It’s said to offer exceptionally smooth acceleration (Toyota’s words, not ours), as well as “extremely stable handling,” aided by its low centre of gravity. The drive is “an absolute pleasure,” thanks to a body that’s significantly more rigid compared to that of a conventional vehicle.

Do pardon all the quotation marks, as these are very, very bold claims indeed. Numbers offered in these videos include the Mirai’s 0-96 km/h and 48-80 km/h times (9.0 and 3.6 seconds respectively), total driving range (483 km) and boot space (361 litres). If you have time to spare, do give these clips a look. Enjoy.