As of late, you may have stumbled upon reports regarding Apple’s plans to introduce an autonomous electric vehicle, dubbed the Apple Titan. Proving the firm is serious on taking on a project this large, multiple sources close to the Cupertino-based firm have “revealed” that Apple has embarked on a campaign to hire as many engineers and technicians to aid in the development.

Mass production of the car has been slated to begin in the year 2020, with sales commencing soon after. If that sounds a little too ambitious, note that Apple has already amassed a team of around 50 individuals specialising in mechanics, manufacturing as well as robotics to develop the car. Nothing succeeds like excess, as good ol’ Oscar once said.

To further cement its intentions, a product video illustrating the Apple Titan has now emerged. In the two and half minute-long video, Apple’s senior VP of design, Jonathan Ive, walks viewers through the key details of the car as well as it standout features – including a sapphire crystal windscreen! Now, if you’re thoroughly excited by all that promise, may we also interest you in a bridge, going cheap?