The rumour mills are alive with the buzz of tech giant, Apple, and its apparent automotive-related project. The Cupertino-based firm is reportedly so far in on development of a fully autonomous electric vehicle, sources close to the firm are claiming the Apple Car already has an internal code – “Titan”.

While details of the project remain a mystery, it appears that Apple has already hired “several hundred people” to work on Titan at a “secret lab”, as understood by Reuters, citing The Wall Street Journal. Said lab was unveiled late last year and is located “a few miles from Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino”.

A closer look into the firm’s portfolio of talent would reveal a surprising amount of automobile designers. One of Apple’s designers, Marc Newson, was responsible for penning the Ford 021C concept car (pictured below) that made its debut at the 1999 Tokyo Motor Show.


Apart from Newson, the firm also has the talent of Julian Hönig, responsible for the Audi RSQ concept and Aaron Von Minden, who styled the BMW Gina concept car. An unsolicited email that found its way to Apple also stated that Tesla personnel were “jumping ship” to work at the firm, as reported by Business Insider.

The same report states that about 50 of the hired individuals were specialists in the field of mechanics, manufacturing as well as robotics. Perhaps the biggest indication of just how serious Apple is at this project lies in the same email, in which the unnamed Apple rep claims that it will “give Tesla a run for its money”.

In addition beefing up its portfolio of designers and engineers, reports are also in that executives from the firm have recently met up with key personnel from notable automobile contract manufacturer, Magna Steyr. Is Apple capable of seriously posing a threat to Google’s stillborn autonomous car as well as going up against Tesla? Let us know what you think in the comments.