As far as working-class coupes go, Peugeot’s RCZ is easily one of the sexiest around with its glamorous double bubble roof and stylised roof pillars ascending it above plain Jane alternatives. With its entire design relying heavily on the two headlining (no pun intended) aspects however, a convertible version of the RCZ was never considered. Until now.

Austrian engineering firm Magna Steyr, that of Mercedes-Benz SLK’s folding metal roof fame, has unveiled an innovative open-top concept of the RCZ using its new View Top technology. Utilising a sliding and folding fabric roof mechanism with integrated glass panels, it offers a pseudo-convertible experience without compromising looks and structural rigidity.

Magna Steyr’s RCZ View Top Concept retains the original’s distinctive appearance – the all-important double bubble ‘roof’ and pillars remain intact. The roof takes just 12 seconds to fold away, opening up the entire cabin for an ‘intensive open-air experience’.

Even when retracted, the RCZ concept has plenty of transparent glass elements to see out of. The Citroen DS3 Cabrio and Fiat 500C both have similar folding roof set-ups, but they are built entirely from fabric and do not have the View Top’s fancy glass bits nor form-fitting aesthetic appeal.

This clever piece of kit will remain as a showpiece for the time being, with Peugeot keeping mum over its production feasibility.