Earlier this month, an open letter signed by Rolls-Royce chairman, Peter Schwarzenbauer, and CEO, Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes, revealed what is, arguably, the most significant piece of news to have hit the 111-year old brand in recent memory – the confirmation of a Rolls-Royce SUV.

With a lack of substantial official information to be found regarding the car, expert auto manipulator Theophilus Chin has gone and created his own take on what an all-terrain Rolls Royce could look like. By utilising stylistic cues from the Rolls-Royce Ghost and employing it onto a Range Rover LWB, the renderings do provide us with a hint or two on how the SUV could look like, keeping in mind the current design language.


Further details confirmed by the company include news that the Rolls-Royce SUV will be constructed with an all-new aluminium architecture to keep weight down. The firm cites heavy demand from customers around the world as one of the key reasons for such a move.

Opening the history books would prove that Rolls-Royce was more than just pure opulence. The firm’s founding fathers, Charles Stewart Rolls and Sir Frederick Henry Royce, were known for their overland adventures which included tackling the Scottish Reliability Trails, the Alpine Trials, the Prince Henry Tour and the London to Edinburgh trial.

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