Jeremy Clarkson will be sacked as Top Gear presenter, the BBC has confirmed. According to The Telegraph, an investigation by the broadcaster has revealed that Clarkson did assault a producer, identified as Oisin Tymon, following a fracas that had stemmed from Clarkson not receiving his meal after a day’s shooting.

The Director General of BBC, Lord Hall, is expected to make an official statement following the conclusion of said investigation. Despite the grim decision, Lord Hall will, reportedly, thank the “brilliant broadcaster” for helping to mould the show into the £50-million-a-year programme that it is today.

As of now, it is still unclear as to whether his former co-hosts, Richard Hammond and James May, will continue to appear on the show as BBC has confirmed that it will continue broadcasting the programme on BBC 2. With Clarkson out of the way, sources close to the firm have pointed out a likely successor – Radio 2 Breakfast Show host, Chris Evans.

Evans himself has dismissed any claims of such a thing happening but senior executives at the firm are, reportedly, quite adamant in having him step into Clarkson’s shoes.