BMW tuner Alpina will have had been around for 50 years this year, and to celebrate that half century mark it will be creating 50 units of the 5-Series and 50 units of the 6-Series called the Edition 50. Like all Alpinas, it retains BMW’s two-year factory warranty.

Alpina’s tuned petrol 5-Series is based on the 550i – once Alpina’s done with it, it’s called the Alpina B5 Bi-Turbo. The company usually massages the V8 up to 540 hp and 730 Nm, but for the Edition 50 this has been further increased to 600 hp and 800 Nm. Both sedan and estate models can be ordered for the Edition 50.

The 6-Series is known as the Alpina B6 Bi-Turbo Edition 50. Under the hood is a tweaked V8 with 600 hp and 800 Nm as well. How did Alpina achieve this over the original tune? It had to make tweaks to the fuel delivery system and the air intake, among other mods.


The cars get Alpina’s usual exterior and interior styling mods. The cars ride on the first major restyle of the Alpina Classic wheel for more than a decade. The 20 inch wheels are 9 inch wide at the front and 10 inch wide at the rear. They weigh about 15.6 kg lighter per set compared to the previous Alpina Classic design.

The Edition 50 cars also get a lightweight titanium exhaust system by Akrapovic, which is said to reduce weight by 17 kg compared to the usual stainless steel system, and apparently improves throttle response as well due to a reduction in back pressure.


Inside, the Edition 50 can be specified with hand-crafted sports seats in black leather with Forest Green quilting on the squab and backrest centre sections, complemented by yellow and black stitching. Trim panels are in piano black with Edition 50 and the signature of company founder Burkard Bovensiepen displayed in front of the passenger.

A special ‘1965 – 2015’ logo appears on metal emblems on the seat backs, in the carpets and on the key ring. Each car’s limited edition number will be displayed on a production plaque on the centre console and also on the reverse of the keyring.

Three colour choices are available – Alpina Green, Alpina Blue, or a special Edition 50 Sepia created by BMW Individual.