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Following the confirmation of the new rates recently announced by the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD), all drivers of budget and Teksi1Malaysia taxis have been urged to have their recalibrated meters inspected at 10 participating Puspakom outlets nationwide.

Taxi drivers are advised to make an appointment with Puspakom no later than one month after having their meters adjusted. They are not required to do so on the same day following recalibration, however. A fee of RM50 will be charged for the inspection with no additional charge incurred should there be a need for a second round of assessment.

In order to facilitate the increased capacity, Puspakom has extended its operational hours at the relevant centres from March 19 to 31. Taxi drivers are advised to check in at Puspakom after 6 pm to avoid delays. Further information on the involved Puspakom centres and its corresponding business hours are as follow.