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Perlis’ RM number plate series garnered 1,507 winning bids nationwide, with the total tender surpassing RM7 million – the highest ever received by the state Road Transport Department (JPJ), Bernama reports. Bidding opened on February 23 and ended March 10.

The largest bid was RM297,000 for ‘RM 8’ by a company outside of Perlis. ‘RM 1’ went to the King of Perlis, Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Syed Putra Jamalullail, under His Majesty’s quota, while ‘RM 7’ went to anggota pentadbiran kerajaan negeri (government administration personnel), under the Chief Minister’s quota.

According to state JPJ director Zulhasmi Mohamad, the total number of bidders for RM number plates was 6,272, comprising individuals and companies from within and outside Perlis, accompanied with a deposit of 50% of their bid values.

All bidders will be informed of the success or failure of their tenders through letters which will be sent out from today. The winners are required to pay the remaining 50% of their bid values within a month, and will then be given another six months to register the number plate. Failing that, registration will be opened to others and the winning bidder will not be entitled to make any claims thereafter.

The remaining 8,491 RM number plates will be opened to the public once the remaining 648 RL number plates have all been issued to the applicants, which is expected to be later this month or in early May. In comparison, the RL number plate series collected a total of only RM1.7 million in tenders, Zulhasmi said.

The most recent series that made ‘number plate news’ was of course Selangor’s BMW plates last year, the tender procedures of which came under question. In May 2012, ‘WWW 1’ set a new record for Malaysia’s most expensive number plate at RM520,000, beating RM300,100 for ‘MCA 1’ in 2010.