Mazda is probably the last brand that comes to mind when someone mentions Milan Design Week. Sure, there are automotive brands out there that pride themselves on delivering aesthetic excellence more than anything else but stereotypically, those would be Italian. Or French.

However, rewind to 2010 and it was at the Milan Design Week that Mazda first announced to the world its ‘KODO – Soul of Motion‘ design philosophy. Five years later, with said design language adorning its production models, the brand is back to present a bicycle and furniture styled with the same Kodo intensity.

Employing the Japanese stylistic beliefs of Rin and En (“self-restrained dignity” and “alluring sensuality”), the Bike by KODO concept features a frame crafted from a steel panel by Mazda craftsmen and is designed to project “a sense of forward-motion evocative of the racer’s final sprint to the finish line.” The saddle features hand-sewn leather with contrasting red stitching, designed to emulate the MX-5‘s upholstery.


The Sofa by KODO concept, on the other hand, was styled under the guidance of Setsu and Shinobu Ito, Milan-based creative directors, in collaboration with designers at Mazda Europe and Italian furniture makers. Featuring “polished aluminium” frames, the sofa presents a sort of “visual tension” while hints of KODO red are only evident when viewed from the rear – supposedly to echo the Japanese manner of concealed beauty.

Along with the sofa, Mazda has presented a matching table which features a wooden base and glass top. The base itself boasts a stylised metallic trim, designed to mirror the signature ‘wings’ found on Mazda cars of today. Additionally, copperware by Gyokusendo studio and a Shiraito lacquered box by Kinjo-Ikkokusai are presented. Both pieces of artwork were said to be inspired by the Kodo design philosophy.