honda-concept-d-suv-shanghai 1221

Teased earlier on in a sole sketch, the Honda Concept D has finally been revealed at the Auto Shanghai 2015. Styled by a team of Chinese designers, the show car is set to preview a new model made exclusively for the Chinese domestic market.

From an aesthetic point of view, the Honda Concept D features a bold front fascia replete with stylised LED light strips that originate from the top of the headlight assembly before running across and peeling down into the lower recesses of the air intake. A solid, bronze-gold front grille houses the equally-imposing ‘H’ badge.

In profile, massive two-toned 21-inch wheels wrapped in 285/45 tyres are featured while blacked-out A-pillars provide a ‘floating roof’ outlook. The rear of the SUV features a heavily-sloped rear window with a pronounced spoiler sitting atop the tailgate.

Further down, boomerang-style wraparound taillights are featured along with a rather fussy-looking rear bumper, replete with what looks like additional intakes. As the Honda Concept D remains a show car, technical specifications remain murky.