lancer-watermarked 083

New reports are surfacing online suggesting that the current Mitsubishi Lancer will be given yet another facelift later this year. Looks like there’s some life left in the old lass after all.

It’s said that for the the late-life update, the eight-year old Lancer will get a new front fascia. Apparently, the design will be based on Mitsubishi’s new “Dynamic Shield” design language that had been showcased on the XR-PHEV concept vehicle, and more recently on the newly facelifted Outlander SUV. We’ll just have to wait and see if it will actually gel with the rest of the car’s existing design.

If this proves to be true, a proper successor to the once-popular sedan looks to have been pushed back even further. There had been plans to use the base of the Renault Megane for the next-generation Lancer, but more recent reports suggest that the project has now stalled.