mitsubishi concept xr-phev ii

Nearly one and a half years after showing off the Concept XR-PHEV in Tokyo, Mitsubishi has come up with a new interpretation called the Concept XR-PHEV II – the second form of the compact plug-in hybrid SUV study is set to break cover in Geneva.

At 4,490 mm long, 1,890 mm wide and 1,620 mm tall, the PHEV II is slightly larger than its predecessor, which measured in at 4,360 mm, 1,870 mm and 1,570 mm. The general outlook has been retained, from the front face to the overall line disposition, but things look far better resolved and flows better.

The interior features an aluminium frame that spreads out sideways from the central console and a minimalist horizontal instrument panel. As for drive and powertrain, things are very much like the first one, the XR-PHEV II utilising a front-engine/front-wheel drive PHEV system made up of a MIVEC engine, electric motor/generator and a new power drive unit.

No specifications for the engine in use, but the unit should be the 100 PS 1.1 litre three-cylinder turbo seen in the original concept. Likewise the motor, which has the same 120 kW output. Battery capacity has been reduced, now 12 kWh compared to the 14 kWh previously.