bmw i remote 11

The BMW i Remote App, which made its debut with the BMW i3 and allows drivers to remotely check and control functions of their vehicles via their smartphone, is now premiering on another smartwatch.

The smartwatch route was first showcased via the Samsung Galaxy Gear last year, and now, it’s the turn of the Apple Watch. The app – which can be downloaded free from the Apple iTunes Store – effectively acts as an extension of a linked Apple iPhone to connect BMW i3 EV or BMW i8 plug-in hybrid drivers with their cars remotely.

Via the Apple Watch, users can be kept updated on the car’s current battery status and available range, and the app also offers features such as pre-conditioning the cabin temperature (cooling or heating it) ahead of a drive when the car is being charged.

An upward swipe of the glance screen reveals the i Remote app start screen, which presents the car linked up to the sub-menus display information such as whether the car is locked as well as service alerts, and users can even activate the car’s horn to help them locate their i3 or i8 in a car park.

BMW i3 and i8