BMW has unveiled a research prototype of its BMW i Remote App for the Samsung Galaxy Gear at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The application, which made its debut with the BMW i3 and allows its drivers to share information with the vehicle at any time via their smartphone, has now found its way on to the smartwatch.

The Galaxy Gear is worn on the wrist like a watch and cleverly complements the linked smartphone – users can view important information on the smartwatch without having to take their smartphone out of their pocket, unlock a screen or enter a code.

In the case of i3 users with a Galaxy Gear, the specific i Remote App displays information of the i3’s range on electric power, battery charge available and any inputted departure times on the smartwatch.

Using the Galaxy Gear’s touch display to click on the figures sent by the application opens a sub-menu containing more detailed information. Another sub-menu informs the user of the vehicle’s current status, such as if any of the doors, windows or the sunroof is open.

The application additionally enables users to send navigation destinations to their vehicle and to regulate the climate on board, with the option of using voice commands via Samsung’s speech recognition system, S Voice.

Also on the car-smartwatch bandwagon is Mercedes-Benz, who has teamed up with Pebble.