Prasarana Malaysia Bhd is looking at introducing a new feeder service for suburban commuters possibly by early next year, The Sun reports. The first-mile service could fill the gap between taxis and buses for suburban areas lacking in public transport services.

“We are looking to introduce options like the motorised tricycle or little scooter. We may re-brand it in some other way to make it more attractive,” the daily quoted Prasarana group MD Azmi Abdul Aziz as saying. He added that Prasarana is ready to provide such options to the public, subject to approval from the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD).

“Apart from that, we are also collaborating with COMOS Malaysia to introduce electric vehicles (EV) on a ride-sharing basis to LRT and MRT stations soon,” he said. COMOS recently opened registration to the public, with yearly subscription at a limited promo rate of RM50.

The COMOS service will start May 16, and you’ll be able to pick up the cars at Asia Jaya, Bangsar, Pasar Seni and Ampang Park LRT stations, amongst other locations.

“Prasarana as a public transport operator can propose to us and we will look into whether it is economically viable and can benefit the public. Any kind of new proposal should be seen as a service to improve public transport access for the public,” SPAD CEO Mohd Nur Ismal Kamal told The Sun.

The Prasarana group MD also called for mutual public confidence in order to realise an excellent public transport system in line with Vision 2020, saying that everyone, stakeholders included, must be prepared to perceive public transport more in a more positive light, while showing more responsibility, Bernama reports.

“Previously, when we talk about public transport, everybody says it is the government’s responsibility… yes, that is correct, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait for the government’s allocation to get it done,” Azmi said, adding that Prasarana is also looking to understand the expectations of the future generation on public transport, as more of them enter the workforce.

“Those are the things we are putting up just to refine further so that it will be attractive for public transport in the future to cater to the target market,” he said.