In the same way clothes maketh a man, the same arguably can apply to wheels and cars, and don’t the good folk at Vossen know that. They’ve taken a US$142k (RM509k) Mercedes-AMG GT S, given it some new shoes and released a sea of photos covering the almost-a-week-long project.

Except it isn’t as simple as untying those laces, slipping the old kicks off and sliding the new ones on. A set of ‘Vossen Forged: Precision Series VPS-306’ wheels were chosen; 20-inchers up front and 21s out back. They were then submerged in special tanks to ensure they were as clean as possible, yielding a Gloss Clear finish.

Feast your eyes on the gallery below – you can see the wheels being forged, the computer designs and all the meticulous preparation required, including the measuring of the brake disc assemblies. And of course, there’s the end result, looking absolutely sublime!

By the way, if you’re eyeing one, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has announced that Stuttgart’s new 911-fighter will arrive here before the end of the year.