Now, Volkswagen drivers will be able to remotely lock/unlock doors, check fuel level or charge status, set up speed and boundary alerts and more from the watch of the moment – Apple Watch. The app will be available globally on all VW Car-Net enabled vehicles, making it more mainstream than BMW’s i Remote App, which can only link with the i3 and RM1.2 million i8.

Owners can keep an eye on their vehicle from afar, remotely locking and unlocking doors and viewing the status of doors, windows and sunroof. Finding a parked vehicle is a snap with a map of the vehicle location, walking or driving directions to the vehicle and the ability to honk and flash lights remotely. One can also receive speed and boundary alert notifications to monitor (teen) drivers borrowing the keys.

Drivers of VW cars with petrol and diesel engines may remotely check their fuel level, while those driving EVs will be able to check their current charge and estimated range, turn charging on/off and access climate control. Car-Net is available in the App Store for Apple Watch, found in the Apple Watch app on iPhone.

This is part of VW’s bid to develop more connected and intelligent vehicles, and adds to January’s announcement introducing the second-gen “modular infotainment platform” (MIB II) that will feature advanced app and smartphone integration. Along with MIB II, MirrorLink will integrate the apps and operating layout of various smartphones into cars. When MirrorLink is introduced, two other interfaces will also be launched under the App-Connect label: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.