These images that are supposed to be teasers for the new Toyota Hilux have been making their way around Thai language Facebook groups and forums. It features what appears to be the new Toyota Hilux being beamed down by some airborne craft.

We don’t quite have anyone who knows the Thai language at hand right now but we’re guessing the 22-23-24 numbers could be dates, and they happen to be right after the supposed May 21 unveiling date for the new pick-up truck. If you can read what these images say, drop a comment!


If we take a closer look at the shadowy Hilux in the teaser image we can make out what appears to be daytime running lights across the top of the headlamps. This matches what we’ve seen in spyshots before this, where DRLs could be seen running across he top of the partially exposed headlamps like an eyebrow.

The 2016 Hilux has been reported to arrive on the scene with two new diesel engines. Power outputs for the 2.4 VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbo) mill are expected to hover about the 150 PS/343 Nm mark with a five-speed manual and 167 PS/400 Nm with the six-speed auto. The larger 2.8 litre mill is touted to displace a total of 177 PS and 420 Nm of torque when paired to a manual, the automatic adds on another 30 Nm.

GALLERY: 2016 Toyota Hilux spyshots