It’s a spectacle in itself to witness maybe say, a Ferrari F40, get wrung out on the hallowed Fiorano circuit. To see all four halo models – the F40, F50, Enzo and LaFerrari – get spanked on the fabled track in one sitting would cause any red-blooded tifosi to experience a crisis in his/her pants.

Should that be the case, best to avert your eyes for this one. In a two-minute video released by The Prancing Stallion, legendary test driver, Dario Benuzzi (think Ferrari’s answer to Lambo’s Valentino Balboni) takes all four of Ferrari’s legendary hypercars for a quickie on the Italian carmaker’s test circuit.

A test driver at Maranello since 1969, Benuzzi has driven all four of the aforementioned models during their respective development periods. In that sense, he’s probably the best person to give an in-depth rundown of each car’s handling characteristics and overall attributes – which is exactly what he does in the video.

So while he refrains from stating his favourite, Benuzzi does comment that the LaFerrari is superior to its immediate predecessor, the Enzo, in that it “allows you to fully exploit its potential.” Well, if Benuzzi says so…

GALLERY: Ferrari LaFerrari at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi