The Top Gear (TG) trio, Clarkson, Hammond and May, are back in action again! A new promo video has just been released with Clarkson announcing that the three hosts (stooges) will be returning as part of an upcoming “live action arena tour”. Those familiar with the franchise will be well aware of the Top Gear Live format but for this round, said tour has been renamed as the “Clarkson, Hammond & May Live” tour.

Aside from the main promo clip, a pair of accompanying video shorts highlight the usual antics of the trio with one clip showing Clarkson dropping May’s piano from the height of several stories onto a car because he can. The other serves as a tasty appetiser to what viewers can expect as it shows a plethora of cars being loaded onto a single trailer – as expected, a quarrel ensues while the loading takes place.

The Clarkson, Hammond & May Live tour begins in Belfast, Northern Ireland on May 22 and will see the trio stop over at various locations around the world including South Africa, Norway, Australia and Poland before ending back home in the UK on November 28.

For those who have been living under a rock, TG host, Jeremy Clarkson, was recently sacked following a physical altercation with a producer of the show. As a result, the popular motoring programme has been pulled off the air for the moment with both Hammond and May refusing to continue on filming without Clarkson’s presence. Top Gear is expected to soldier on with a revamped lineup in the near future.