We’ve seen the yet to debut MINI Convertible on test wearing camo before, but here’s a fresh series of the cabriolet with its top down, now that European weather is warming up. The unrolled roof is of the fabric type, as per previous versions, and the Cooper S mules have shed plenty of swirl stickers since the last sighting.

But MINI need not bother, because the Convertible looks exactly like how you and me expects it to be – nothing more than a rag top version of the current third-generation F56 MINI, which has so far spawned the MINI 5 Door, a longer version of the Hatch with two extra doors.

The F56 MINI Hatch has grown in size – it’s 98 mm longer, 44 mm wider, and 7 mm taller than the outgoing car – so expect the MINI Convertible to grow by similarly significant margins too. You can see that from a pic of it together with the previous model below. Launch it already, MINI!

MINI Convertible on track

MINI Convertible on ice