The boys in blue are upping their game. Under a pilot project in Serdang and Shah Alam, cameras are to be fitted on police cars, both to record offenders and check on the conduct of the cops themselves, according to a report by The Star.

“It will be conducted for a month and we will see how effective it is. With the cameras, we can record offences committed by perpetrators as well as the infringements of our men on the ground,” police inspector-general Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar told the English-language daily.

He said the trial run is part of the long-term goal for modern policing, and the only challenge is finding enough funds to do it for the whole country.


Meanwhile, there exists another pilot project in Petaling Jaya to cut the number of police officers in a patrol car from two to one.

“The patrol vehicle is manned by a policeman but it is only during the day. We want to create better presence by having more vehicles on the road,” Khalid said.

The 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP), which was announced yesterday, calls for more police and volunteer presence in an attempt to raise the sense of safety from 39% last year to 60% in 2020. The 11MP also aims for police to get to the crime scene within eight minutes, one third faster than now.