For a car and driving enthusiast, I think we don’t need to bring up how challenging driving on the Nurburgring can be. After all, there has to be something that earned it the nickname The Green Hell.

RSRNurburg produced this video of the top 5 driving mistakes you can make on the ‘Ring. It’s a great video, very simple and informative and we recommend anyone that plans to go to the Nurburgring (that’s you, Fuel Your Way to Nurburgring contest winner TK Lim) watch the video.

Perhaps it was a blessing that when yours truly had a go a few years ago, it was raining so that brought everyone’s speeds down significantly so there was less of a chance that anyone would be making these mistakes.

Driving on the ‘Ring is quite different from a racing simulator as your body gets to feel all the change in elevation and camber that happens quite often on the 20.8 km north loop.