It appears that the new 2016 Toyota Prius is being tested in Thailand! These pictures cropped up through the Thai Headlight Magazine forum, showing the upcoming fourth-gen hybrid wearing quite a bit less disguise than previously seen.

Even so, details of the new car are still very much obscured; what is clear now, however, is that apart from retaining the Prius’ iconic Kamm back profile, it will also feature a low, downturned nose similar to the one on the current Prius c.


It also appears that the wing mirrors will be joined to the base of the A-pillar like its smaller sibling, rather than being affixed on the doors as a separate piece like on the current regular Prius.

The next-generation Toyota Prius will be the first car built on the modular Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) and will be available in both regular and plug-in versions as before. It will make use of smaller, yet more energy-dense motors and batteries, as well as a more efficient internal-combustion engine for improved fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.